Vital info for sports photographers! Everything you need to know about the AIPS Sport Media Awards

  • July 25, 2020

What are the categories for Photography?

There are two photo categories: Action Photo and Portfolio.


What’s the description for Action Photo?

An image that depicts a moment of excellence or athletic skill from a particular sporting event.


What’s the description for Portfolio?

A portfolio of at least three but no more than five sports photos. These photos may be from the same sport or same event, or they may be from different events and different sports.


How many submissions do I have?

Applicants are limited to a maximum of two entries across all categories of the Awards. A separate online entry form and supporting materials will be required for each entry.


Can I participate with two Action Photo entries or two Portfolio entries?

Yes, it is possible to submit two entries for the same category.


Is it possible to submit a same photo for action and portfolio?

No. You should choose in which category you would like to submit your picture. You can use pictures from the same sequence and make changes before deadline.


What kind of editing is allowed?

Our rules are very clear: photographs may not be manipulated to block out distracting elements or to make significant changes in color and contrast. Only cropping or removing dust and scratches are allowed.


What fields do I have to fill in the submission form?

Every submission form has a field for Title and Description. Please use the description as a caption. It is imperative that you write the caption in order to know better the context of your picture. Please add all additional information that can be valuable for the judges.


For the portfolio category, should I submit a general description or a caption for each photo?

We recommend that you make a general description of why did you choose this portfolio, and then write the caption of each of the participating pictures, which is especially important when they are not from the same event. Please be aware that the more details you add in your submission form, the more information will the jurors have when it is time for judging.


Can I send two action photos in the same submission form?

No! Please be aware that a separate online entry form and supporting materials will be required for each entry. If you submit two pictures in the same entry, you will be notified to make the proper submission.


I’m a freelancer. Is it possible for me to participate?

Yes, participation is open to all professional photographers, whether directly employed or freelancers.


I’m not a member of AIPS, can I still participate?

There’s no need to be a member of AIPS or to have the AIPS card in order to participate.  


Do I have to pay a fee to participate?

No, participation is completely free.


I was born after January 1, 1991. Can I participate in the Best Young Reporter category for Photography?

Yes, should you decide so, you could use one of your submissions for the Best Young Reporter in Photography, which offers the chance of winning a scholarship at a top international sporting event, and use your remaining submission to participate in any of the senior categories, which offer a money prize.


My photo was published on a personal photo sharing platform or personal website, is it still valid?

Our first rule is that all entrants need to be professional photographers, and will have to prove their professional status if we require so. Independent photographers might have only the possibility of publishing their work on photo sharing platforms or personal websites (sometimes their own agencies), which is why we consider these valid, as long as they comply with the rest of the rules. For submissions coming from personal social media accounts, we can contact entrants and ask for additional information during the judging process before making a decision.


What does proof of publication mean?

We need to verify that the picture was first published between October 8, 2019, until October 7, 2020, the valid period of participation of the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2020.


How can I prove the date of publication?

Proof of publication for photos could be 1) a link in which the date is visible. 2) a link of an event that took place in the valid period of participation (from October 8, 2019, to October 7, 2020). 3) a PDF of a print publication with the picture and the date visible in the page. 4) a PDF of a print publication with the picture plus the PDF of the cover to check the date of publication.


My picture was uploaded in a photo agency before the period of participation, but was published in a website/print publication during the period of participation. Is it still valid?

No. Proof of publication means the first time the picture was published in any country of the world, including the photo agency that offers it.

Can I delete my submission or change it before the deadline?

Yes, it is possible to make amendments, add missing documents or complete missing fields. You can also delete your submission, in case you’ve decided to submit a new one.


What do the rules say regarding copyright?

The photographs entered in the contest must be made by the photographer who owns and retains the copyright for the photo. The entrant grants the AIPS Awards’ organisers unrestricted, unfettered and irrevocable non-exclusive rights in all works submitted for entry into the Awards (or where such rights are owned by a third party, the entrant shall procure that such third party grants such rights) for the AIPS Awards’ organisers to use such works only in conjunction with objectives of the Awards including for the purposes of promoting the Awards, presenting the nominations, having the panel of judges determine the Awards, conducting the presentation ceremony and making the finalist and winners entries available to the public.


Where can I check all the rules?

You can check all the rules here


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