Continental rankings unveiled: Meet the best performers in The Americas

  • June 21, 2022

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LAUSANNE, June 21, 2022 - The AIPS Sport Media Awards are proud to announce the continental rankings for The Americas. To know more about the continental rankings, click here.


1. Emiliano Nunia (Argentina), Valentí Guardiola: The builder dad who never imagined to have a son like Pep - Radio Villa Trinidad
2. Sebastián Moreira (Uruguay), Streaming overdose: The Olympics - Spotify
3. Milena Gimon (Venezuela), Betting in the world of tennis - Spotify
4. Javier Hernández Bonnet (Colombia), Diego died, football died - Blu Radio
5. Rodrigo Vera (Chile), La furia del Loco - Emisor Podcasting
6. Brian Pinelli (USA), IPC President Andrew Parsons on the immense challenges and sleepless nights of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games - Infobae - Around the Rings
7. Katya López (Mexico), It happened on the Olympus - Heraldo Media Group
8. Oscar Buch (Chile), AD10S - Spotify
9. Jaime Olando Pulido (Colombia), From here I get up  - RCN Radio
10. Neil Amato (USA), 1-2-3 Wildcats Episode 6: Chris - 1-2-3 Wildcats


1. André Durão (Brazil), Sure kick -
2. Luis Robayo (Colombia), Boxing - AFP
3. Kevin c. Cox (USA), Perpendicular pylon dive - Getty Images
4. German Garcia Adrasti (Argentina), Surrounded - Clarin / Olé
5. Patrick Smith (USA), Swoosh - Getty Images
6. Antonio Lacerda (Brazil), Friends -
7. Miguel Gutierrez (Venezuela), Flying over the sea - Agencia EFE
7. Yuri Cortez (El Salvador), Olympic rings -AFP
9. Jewel Samad (USA), Flying finish - AFP
10. Nicolás Pereyra (Uruguay), Goles son amores - Goals are loves - El País
10. Sebastian Dominguez (Bolivia), Eye-sun contact - Dominguez Photo Video
10. Al Bello (USA), The Harder They Fall - Getty Images


1. Ueslei Marcelino (Brazil), Taste of golden - Reuters
2. Patrick Smith (USA), Tokyo 2021 - Getty Images
3. Al Bello (USA), Tokyo Olympics, Aquatics - Getty Images
4. Ezra Shaw (USA), The American Blade Runner - Getty Images
5. Luciano Bisbal (Argentina), Tribute to Diego Armando Maradona in Rosario - Getty Images
6. Luiza Moraes (Brazil), Aquatic sports portraits -
7. Miguel Gutiérrez (Venezuela), Dystopian Olympians - Agencia EFE
8. Germán Páez (Argentina), Sports Portfolio 2021 - Facebook / Instagram /Twitter
9. Luis Henry Agudelo Cano (Colombia), Skating races have to be a "Virus" to become an Olympic - Facebook  
10. André Borges (Brazil), Break for living - AFP


1. William Moss (USA), My pursuit: Life, legacy & Jordan Burroughs - Peacock
2. Decker Jackie, Mullen Tim (USA), My name is Ada Hegerberg - ESPN
3. Cory Mull (USA), Caitlin Little: Fifteen forever - MileSplit USA
4. Brock Boot (Canada), The drill | E21: Unanimous - Edmonton Oilers
5. Gustavo Ramirez (Mexico), Paula Pareto - Judo Argentina
6. Andres Nieto Serpa (Colombia), Maria Del Rosario Espinoza - Taekwondo Mexico
7. Maria Eugenia Mastri (Argentina), Santiago Lange: A life in the water to attain Olympic glory - La Voz del Interior
8. Andres Nieto Serpa (Colombia), Delfina Merino hockey - Cesped Argentina
9. Milagros Loayza Salazar (Peru), Breed of footballer: Fabiola Herrera - Mujeres Fútbol Club
10. Fausto Pérez Villareal and Ramiro Franco Varela (Colombia), Bernardo Caraballo’s knockout story: Towards glory - CTV Barranquilla
10. Amado de Jesus Hernandez Gaviria, Diego Londoño Galeano, Ana Ligia Jaramillo (Colombia), On the wheels - Telecinco Colombia Casa Productora


1.Cole Sax (USA), World Debut: From outsiders to the Olympic Games - The Olympic Channel
2. Felipe Antonio and Zarruk Diazgranados (Colombia), October 11, 1981 - October 11, 2021... 40 Years of a massacre - CANAL TRO
3. Yodeni Masó Aguila (Cuba), Stars of a passion - Cubavisión Internacional
4. Anson Henry (Canada), COVID 2020 (Part 2) The new normal - Anson Henry
5. Mauricio Alejandro Díaz Pedraza (Colombia), "Forming an Olympic fighter" - CANAL CAPITAL
6. Eduardo Rachelle (Brazil), "Sala de Redação'' 50 years - RBS TV
7. Maria Eugenia Mastri (Argentina), Olympic protagonists: Cordovans milestones in the history of the games - LA VOZ DEL INTERIOR
8. Miguel Angel García Salcedo (Colombia), The Olympic stadium of the sun "La muestra más grande del Civismo Sogamoseño" - Gama Virtual Comunicaciones
9. 242 rocks Media (Colombia), Our female league Colombia - YouTube
10. Broderick Zerpa (USA), Miguel Cabrera's 500 home runs - EVTV Miami


1. David Picker (USA), A shared pastime - NBC Sport
2. Marissa Boyajian (USA), Dear Cammy - NBC
3. Rachel Goodman (USA), Vision as one - NBC
4. Eduardo Rachelle (Brazil), Dream of a little boy: dish towels seller got autograph from Neymar - RBS TV / Globo eSporte
5. Eduardo Rivas (Uruguay), Maracanã, the hidden treasure - Canal 4
6. Jimmy Cuadros (Colombia), Anthony Zambrano: A story of fighting, sacrifice, sweat and speed - RTVC Sistemas de Medios Públicos
7. Gabriela Martín (Argentina), Olympic podiums: Collective joy - La Voz del Interior
8. Eduardo Benavides (Mexico), This ball is here to stay - Sistema Zacatecano de Radio y Televisión
9. Santiago Ramirez Londoño (Colombia), Olympic mothers - Telemedellín
10. Sérgio Rangel (Brazil), Silence Broken: Sexual harassment and the fall of the most important soccer leader in Brazil – Fantástico / TV Globo /
10. Renan Vieira de Moraes (Brazil), Inajar FC launches shirts against prejudice - GloboTV
10. Gabriela Conter Ruiz (Brazil), Reinventing: a social project during the pandemic period - RBS TV - Globo Esporte


1. José Encarnación (Puerto Rico), Camarero Racecourse: a money machine that runs with injured and abused horses - Centro de Periodismo Investigativo (CPI)
2. Eryn Mathewson (USA), Marathon effort - CNN Sport
3. Dvora Meyers (USA), Time for the end of the teen gymnast - FiveThirtyEight
4. Teddy Katz (Canada), Sport turns darkness into light for Syrian refugee athlete - International Paralympic Committee
5. Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber (Canada), Exclusive Olympics: Belarusian sprinter says she was taken to airport against her wishes, will not return home - Reuters
6. Hugo Mario Cárdenas López (Colombia), Dirty ball - Leonardo Oliva
7. Sebastián Torok (Argentina), Mayer, a sensitive tennis player. Glory at Davis, panic attacks and the match that nearly killed him - La Nacion Newspaper
8. Jackie Powell (USA), The WNBA is finally catching up on mental health - Sports Illustrated
9. Marcus Alves (Brazil), Wildfires: How Portuguese club Tondela drove through the flames - BBC
10. Carlos González Lucay (Chile), Gonzalo Lama's battle - Diario La Tercera

*The story on the ultramarathon in China, winner of the AIPS Sport Media Awards 2021, co-written by Wufei Yu (China) and Will Ford (USA) was included in the Asian rankings.


1. Marcela Mora y Araujo (Argentina), Diego's sleeping -
2. Dvora Meyers (USA), Why it’s not surprising that Simone Biles cheered for Angelina Melnikova -
3. Sebastian Ignacio Torok (Argentina), Kicker, after the dark. The return of the tennis player punished for fixing matches: 'I was ashamed' - La Nacion
4. Loanny Picado (Nicaragua), Being a sports journalist in times of dictatorship - Zona de Penal
5. Armando Rivarola (Paraguay), Banco de Cartes opens accounts for the Léoz in full FIFA gate - ABC Color
6. Robert Livingstone (Canada), BidWeek: The IOC thought they could steal the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and hoped we wouldn’t notice -
7. Daniel Eguren (Venezuela), Shut up and play - Idioma Fútbol
8. Jován Pulgarín (Venezuela), Diego Maradona: Do we remember the artist or the chavista? - Elestí
8. Alejandro Wall (Argentina), Maradona, the surname of a country - The Washington Post / Post Opinion
10. Esteban Abarzua (Chile), We are still in debt to Arley - Las Ultimas Noticias
10. Anibal Santiago (Mexico), Somayeh Gholami: Taekwondo under the war - Este País


1.Mateo Vazquez (Uruguay), Lucas Rocha, the Plaza Colonia fan who celebrated despite the pandemic - El Pais
2. Juan Vera (Chile), Football and the social status in Chile - Radio ADN
3. Valentina Peña (Colombia), Lightning: The young hockey team that breaks barriers in Colombia - Win Sports
4. Carlos Mattei Rauen (Brazil), The Tokyo silver medal came to home - Fabian Londero


1. Luiza Moraes (Brazil), Messi's first title with Argentina - Copa America (Instagram)
2. Yuri Laurindo (Brazil), The Juliet on the face reflects a boy's dream - The Players Tribune (Instagram)
3. Vinicius Do Prado (Brazil), The contrasts of a Goal - AGENCIA F8
4. Enzo Santos (Uruguay), Everytime it rained, it stopped - Enzo Santos


1. José Encarnación (Puerto Rico), Camarero Racecourse: A money machine that runs on injured and abused horses - Centro de Periodismo Investigativo
2. Jackie Powell (USA), The WNBA is finally catching up on mental health - Sports Illustrated
3. Jamille Bullé Costa Dantas (Brazil), Black women are still a minority in leadership positions in women's football -
4. Carolina Mitriani (Argentina), A cry from the paddock: Diego Armando Maradona die - Aipsamé
5. Paolo Leandro Rojas Méndez (Chile), The origin of the rivalry between Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile - Paolo Rojas Méndez
6. Facundo Verdún (Uruguay), Heroes or villains of Uruguayan football careers: The contractors - La diaria
7. David Rios Rodriguez (Colombia), Mariana Pajón, a winner at the Olympic Games, surpasses 58 countries in the all-time medal tally - Pulzo
8. Kent Paisley (USA), Solheim Cup 2021: How this LPGA veteran went from broke to playing for Team USA - Golf Digest
9. Rodrigo Huerta (Chile), 'I was addicted to cocaine and wanted to commit suicide; I didn't see the meaning of life' - DIARIO AS Chile
10. Juan Tenorio (Venezuela), Vicente Almonacid: A warrior of a thousand battles - El Estadio TV


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