Quick guide: Register, upload and participate in 5 minutes

  • July 21, 2023

The AIPS Sport Media Awards 2023 have begun its search for the best sports storytellers across the world. It only takes a few easy steps to join this incredible celebration, which promotes sports media excellence and plays a role in the fight against the threats affecting the world of journalism in our era. Submissions are open until November 4, 2023.

Here’s how to join.

1) Create an account at the AIPS Sport Media Awards website: https://aipsawards.com/sma/register

2) Log-in with your email address and password: https://aipsawards.com/sma/

3) Fill the section “My Profile” with your personal details.

4) Click on “Add Submissions”. Fill Part 1 “Your Submission”. Select the Category and (if applicable) Sub Category of your first submission. Write the title and describe it in less than 1000 characters. You can explain why it is relevant, the difficulties you've faced, or the effect your work produced.

5) Fill now Part 2 “Files and Data”. Upload a link, a file, or both, depending on the category. It can be a PDF or Word for written articles, JPG for photography, or a video or audio file. (For Photography Portfolio, you will have to upload three to five pictures one by one). You can also submit links, as long as they are not behind a paywall. If they are behind a paywall, make sure to upload a PDF of the full article.

6) Select if your submission is in English (Yes/No). If it is not in English, please specify the language, which is vital for proper judging. Remember that submissions can be in any language. It is advisable but not compulsory to submit an English translation.

7) Specify the name of the media the submission was published/broadcast and write the publication date. Remember: all submissions need to be works that were first published/broadcast between November 5, 2022, and November 4, 2023.

8) Select Yes/No if the date of publication is visible in your file/link.

9) If you need to provide proof of publication (ie, a PDF, magazine cover, screenshots, etc), you have a separate area to upload your supporting documents/links. This same area applies in the case you want to send an English translation, or transcript of your audio/video files in the original language.

10) If you are ready, you can select Submit. If you want to make changes in a submission, go to “My Submissions”. You can delete, add or change at any time.

If your first submission was for category Young Reporter Under 30, please notice that your second submission has to be in any of the other categories (Writing, Photography, Video, Audio). Only one Young Reporter submission per person is allowed.

If you want to make a second submission, go to “Add Submissions” (Step 4) and repeat the process.

That’s it!


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