AIPS Sport Media Awards: Top 10 Ranking ASIA and OCEANIA

  • February 01, 2019

Following the unprecedented success of the first edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards, AIPS is honored to share the official ranking of the Top 10 submissions from each continent across 8 categories,  as an acknowledgment of sports media worldwide.
The Awards submissions included an inspiring level of journalistic content from across five continents, culminating in a celebration of storytelling excellence in Lausanne on January 21, 2019.
The first edition of the AIPS Awards received an outstanding total of 1273 submissions from 119 nations around the globe. In submitting their work for consideration for the eight categories, colleagues from across the globe engaged in a dialogue of sporting journalism. Such dialogue is crucial in highlighting the importance of our profession and the need to invest in its culture and independence.
Read all about the winners of the inaugural AIPS Sport Media Awards here.
Below are the Top 10 submissions of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from ASIA & OCEANIA across 8 categories, ranked based on the votes of the international Awards jury.

Photography-Sport Action

1. Scotty Barbour, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Scotty Barbour (New Zealand)
2. Iori Sagisawa, Butterfly, Kyodo News (Japan)
3. Atul Kamble, Cricket, Mid-day (India)
4. Akl Yazbeck, Fall seven times stand up eight, Akl Yazbeck (Lebanon)
5. Peksi Cahyo Priambodo, Blow My Face, (Indonesia)
7. Yichin Hou, bow for playoff, TSNA (Chinese Taipei)
8. Peiquan Wei, SUV, (China)
9. Sung-Ho Yoon, I didn't catch a hair', KUKMINDAILY (Korea, Republic Of)
10. Linlin Li, A hard blow, (China)


1. Xu Liu (刘 续), Young gymnasts, Xinhua news agency (China)
2. Naeem Ahmadi, Women's sport .ورزش بانوان, Iran Internationl Photo Agency ,آژانس عکس ایران (Iran)
3. Scott Barbour, The 2018 Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam Tournament, Scott Barbour/Getty Images (Australia)
4. Amin Mohammad Jamali, Sport, competition with love, trust and faith, Gettyimages (Iran)
5. Jeong Heon Song, 평창올림픽 응원하는 북한 미녀 응원단 (North Korean cheering squad at PyeongChang Olympics), 스포츠조선 (Sports Chosun) (Korea, Republic Of)
6. Maryam Majd, Three Sisters Who Beat the Odds, IPA ( Iran's International Photo Agency ) (Iran)
7. Adek Berry, Unified Korea Hand-In-Hand For The Victory And Sing Arirang To Celebrate, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE (Indonesia)
8. Ashok Nath Dey, Age - old competetition in an ageless river., Sports Star (India)
9. Kunal Patil, Ahead of World Disability Day, Mumbai’s heroes claim the city., Ht Media LTD. (India)
10. Faihan Ghani, AG2018 Moments, The Star (Malaysia)


1. Dan Goldberg, The Haka, Mint Pictures (Australia)
2. He Zhu, The Football Roadmap, CCTV and Beijing SDT Media Co., Ltd (China)
3. Nan Shen, Ten Years on, Beijing 2008 has been delivering positive legacy, Xinhua News Agency (China)
4. Adel Ferdowsipour, A blind football lover, 90 TV (Iran)
5. Hang Zhao, How do Iceland people train their children to play football, Tencent Sports (China)
6. João Filipe Rodrigues, Al Merzab 2018, ALKASS (Qatar)
7. Firooz Mashoof, Remember The Fly, Faryad Tv (Afghanistan)
8. Altanchimeg Altankhuyag, Future Olympic Champions, Arkhangai (Mongolia)
9. Shaolin Qin, Reveal the unknown story behind the legend of NBA superstar Curry, (China)
10. João Filipe Rodrigues, ALKASS U17 2017, ALKASS Sports Channel (Qatar)

Video-Athlete profile

1. You Wu, For Three, Tencent Sports (China)
2. Saber Perzad, Mona Amini, Afghanistan Women's National Team, TOLOnews (Afghanistan)
3. Shokoofehsadat Mousavi, (Standing Steadfast) از پا نیفتاده, IRNA TV (Iran)
4. Tarrek Boussaha, Diego Maradona makes dream come true for double amputee boy, SNTV/AP (United Arab Emirates)
5. Mouldi Jemei, Our guest: Jumping Team Qatar, ALKASS (Dhayfna Equestrian) (Qatar)
6. Zabihullah Shahzaad, Afghan Para Athlete hopes to participate at the Olympic stage, Afghanistan Sport Journalists National Federation (Afghanistan)
9. Indira Bektenova, The Olympic bronze medal of Yulia Galysheva, QAZSPORT TV channel (Kazakhstan)
10. Baraah El Hasan, Interview with Munir Al Muhamadi, Extra Sport ( the sports department of ALWATAN Newspaper - Bahrain) (Lebanon)
10. Ayman Darwish, 90 minutes, ALKASS TV (Qatar)
10. Ji Liu, 亚运访谈丨跳水女子双人10米台冠军张家齐/掌敏洁做客新体育网, (China)
10. Song Yang, 亚运访谈丨亚洲“百米飞人”苏炳添做客新体育网亚运访谈, (China)

Writing-Best Colour Piece

1. Yiwei Wang, “叛国”斗士赢回尊重多难? 安贤洙无法掌控的命运 (Exclusive: How Viktor Ahn missed out on his chance for redemption in PyeongChang), Tencent (China)
2. Susan Ninan, India's rugby revolution, ESPN (India)
3. Mufeed Rizvi, The Gangster Who Ran The Distance, Ahmedabad Mirror (India)
4. Malak Hasan, Cycling Palestine Exploring Like Never Before, This Week in Palestine (Palestine)
5. Bharat Sundaresan, Patrick Patterson- The Story of The Unquiet Mind, The Indian Express (India)
6. Vishnu Prasad, Shining Stars in the Heart of Darkness, The New Indian Express (India)
7. Azadeh Pirakouh, World cup cause to good feeling on children labour / football fever in brick-making furnaces, iranvarzeshi newspaper (Iran)
8. Paul Radley, From Afghanistan to Dubai via Scotland - cricket at the centre of Habib Ghazi's asylum-seeking journ, The National (United Arab Emirates)
9. Paul Radley, Special report: the stars of street cricket, The National (United Arab Emirates)
10. Shail Desai, Football finds its post again in Kashmir, Mint (India)

Writing-Best Column

1. Akarsh Sharma, Indian football's age of deceit, Livemint (India)
2. Koh Jinhyoun, 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the spirit of Ekecheiria, The Daily Sports Seoul (Korea, Republic Of)
3. Michael Teguh Adiputra Siahaan, Sepak bola meniti mimpi, berkacalah pada Jerman (Football is dreaming, refer to Germany), Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional Antara (Indonesia)
4. Malak Hasan, Women’s Sports: Major Challenges and Two Key Solutions, This Week in Palestine (Palestine)
5. Behnaz Mirmotaharian, Women in "Azadi", Iran Varzeshi (Iran)
6. James M Dorsey, Trouble in Paradise: Can Qatar Overcome the Diplomatic Crisis?, Revista Critica de Ceincias Sociaies / The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer / Dehai News (Singapore)
7. Li Che, 大人物】李琰:不看牌面 把自己的牌打到最好, (China)
8. Priyansh -, FIFA World Cup: Croatia Team Represents the Rot in Its Society as Much as Football Excellence, The Wire (India)
9. Adarsha Dhakal, The Ignominy of Defeat, The Kathmandu Post (Nepal)
9. Leslie Xavier, FIFA World Cup: The Life in Sudden Death, (India)


1. Aaron Kearney, Orchids Bloom, ABC Radio (Australia)
2. Ali Abukbash, Sports comment, Ajyal Radio Network Palestine (Palestine)
3. Ali Abukbash, mundial sports radio program-عيش المونديال, published by alhoriya radio network -palestine 92.7 fm (Palestine)
3. Ali Haddad, sports commentator, Ali haddad (Lebanon)


1. Yin Ma, Exclusive! A Wechat log between two legendary women, Lang Ping and Li Yan, highlighting their resiliance, We Love Volley (China)
2. James M Dorsey, Parallels between Turkish soccer and general elections could prove uncanny, Middeast Soccer (Singapore)
3. Ma Dexing, 我所亲历的这些年精英青少年足球》系列报道 (The Years of Elite Youth Football I Have Experienced"), Dexingshe-official (China)
4. Kazuyuki Yamaguchi, Le Journal Sportive, (Japan)
5. Yin Ma, Exclusive Interview! The More Splendid, the More Silent. Zhu Ting: With Such Fames, Keep it Better i, We Love Volley (China)
6. Yujia Dou, The story behind Su Bingtian, the fastest man of Asia, Track & Field Camp (China)
7. Aainollah/Eynollah Lotfalezadeh,فوتبال-وخشونت-درلیگ-برتر-دوره-18-خلیج-فارس, وبلاگ ورزش ورسانه (Iran)
7. Hamid Reza Zirak Didar, (Special Report - Sardarjangal Stadium in Rasht; a glorious or bony structure?) گزارش ویژه – ورزشگاه, (Iran)

Note: In cases where certain submissions received an equal amount of votes, the submissions in question received the same ranking


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