Enke - life and tragedy of a goalkeeper
  • Moritz Cassalette / NDR 2 / Norddeutscher Rundfunk

Moritz Cassalette traces the life of soccer goalkeeper Robert Enke ten years after his death. In the nine-part podcast series, Teresa Enke talks very personally and openly about her husband and his depression. Former companions like Per Mertesacker, Oliver Bierhoff and Ronald Reng report on shared experiences. Cassalette meets athletes who were also mentally ill and treated. Experts talk about depression and ways out. A victim reports how he recovered after trying to commit suicide. And a train driver describes what he went through after a person committed suicide in front of his eyes. Cassalette takes the listeners into a depression simulator. And the podcast answers questions: How common are psychological problems among professional soccer players? How are young players prepared for psychological pressure during their career? What did the media learn from Robert Enke's death? And how far are football and society ten years later? The podcast was awarded the Herbert Zimmermann Prize and was nominated for the German Podcast Prize.

English script available here: http://bit.ly/3tJDLAv


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