The Ticket - Black Lives Matter and Athletes' Right to Protest
  • Tracey Holmes / ABC

Even as Covid-19 created havoc in the USA, Americans took to the streets in a show of force for the Black Lives Matter campaign. Amongst them was IOC Vice President, Anita De Frantz, who explained why she did it, her friendship with Tommie Smith and John Carlos who are remembered for their Black Power Salute at the 1968 Mexico City games, and why she supports protests being banned under the Olympic Charter's Rule 50. Also on the program the CEO of the Commonwealth Games Federation that has given approval for athletes to 'take a knee' should they wish on the Commonwealth games podium. The Ticket is an on air program and international podcast that is unrivalled in its weekly dive into the issues of sport, the shades of grey and complexities of running sport, and the impact governing bodies decisions have on athletes and other stakeholders.

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