Climbings Olympic Debut
  • Adam Pretty / Getty Images

With Sport Climbing set to make its Olympic debut during the Tokyo Olympics, Adam Pretty endeavours to capture some aspects of the sport in a picture story photographed in Yangshuo, China at some of the most beautiful and challenging limestone sports climbing in the world. Sport Climbing at the Tokyo Olympics will feature three different climbing disciplines: Speed, Bouldering and Lead. Speed: Two climbers race against each other on an identical route on a 15m wall. Bouldering: Athletes attempt a “problem” on a 4m high bouldering wall within 4 minutes. Lead: Athletes attempt to climb a route on a 15m high wall. Each climber will compete in all three disciplines to find a winner. The sport combines strength, flexibility, stamina and decisiveness.

Adam Pretty: ‘Preparation and creativity to reach the top of sport photography’


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