Sadio Mane - made in Senegal
  • Jermain Raffington, Peta Jenkin, Mehdi Benhadj-Djilali /

Made in Senegal is the classical hero’s journey and an archetype for African football players. Blessed with exceptional talent, Sadio sets out from his village to find his destiny in the world - defying his family, social structures, doubters, and injuries - to come back triumphant and able to help those around him. Made in Senegal is a story about will, dreams, determination, faith, rebellion, courage and love. The film invites us on a journey through Sadio´s different and highly diverse worlds - from the rural life in a small village in the far south of Senegal to the spotlight of world football playing for Liverpool FC. With Sadio as the main narrator, the film reveals his thoughts, feelings and worldview and lifts the tonality of the film on a very personal level with the intensity and intimacy of a diary. The unique quality of the film Made in Senegal is the potential of its universal societal message - which is beyond football. To have the courage to take opportunities and to determine your own destiny - Or like Sadio said: ”Il faut crosier en sow même et puts il faut réver - parse qui cast ca la vie!” You have to believe in yourself and you have to dream because that’s what life is about.


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