Piotr Van Montagu: an archer (not) like the others
  • Pierre Deprez / Rtbf

Piotr has no arms, no hands, and one of his legs is atrophied. But he practices Archery, in International competitions. He was born in Poland 31 years ago. Baby victim of Softenon (Talidomid). Abandoned at birth, he was placed in an orphanage before being adopted by a Belgian mother who always pushed him to fend for himself. Today, he lives alone and does (quite) everything by himself. He uses his feet and mouth to practice Archery and intends to compete in the 2024 Paralympics. Full Video link: https://www.rtbf.be/sport/dossier/actu-des-athletes-belges/detail_piotr-un-archer-pas-comme-les-autres?id=10389810


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