Mom is Dying
  • Bernt Jakob Oksnes / Dagbladet

Besides being a poignant life story and thrilling piece of narrative journalism, “Mom is Dying” is about one of skiing's dark, unknown dramas: Why did the ski coach and mother of three, Toril Stokkebø (48), die of aggressive cancer? The doctors suggested that the cancer was due to her 15 years of ski waxing for hundreds of children. “Mom is Dying” is the main story in a series about the health risks linked to fluorinated ski wax. It was the best and most read story among 20,000 articles published on in 2019. Dagbladet’s fluorine ski wax articles led to a sensational decision by the International Ski Federation, which banned fluorine in all global ski competitions. Dagbladet’s team also received the biggest honor in Norwegian Journalism as the first sports project ever. The project also won The Sports Coverage of the year in Norway.


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